Come on Barbie, let’s go party! Looking for a pink Barbie drink that’s sweet, sparkly and super easy? You need this cotton candy vodka cocktail! Complete with a cotton candy glitter bomb, it’s guaranteed to get your tastebuds dancing


Cotton Candy Glitter Bomb    Pink Cotton Candy    Edible Pink Luster Dust Cotton Candy Cocktail    Whipped Cream Vodka     Ginger ale     Cotton Candy for garnish


Take ½ oz (or a palm-sized amount) of cotton candy and spread the fibers until it lays flat.  Place Pink Luster Dust in the center and wrap edges around to form a ball.


MAKE THE DRINK-  Start by adding 2 oz of Vodka to your champagne flute.


Add 6 oz of ginger ale (or fill until 2 inches away from the top of the glass). 


Drop the Cotton Candy Glitter Bomb into the flute. Once the carbonation has dissipated, stir with a straw to distribute the pigment and shimmer.


Garnish with another tuft of Cotton Candy on a cocktail pick. 

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