Halloween Vodka Cocktail

Create your own Witch's Brew with this Halloween Vodka Cocktail. With a few simple ingredients and a bit of dry ice, you'll put a spell on all your guests!


- Vodka - Black Cherry Juice - Lime Juice - Sweet and Sour - Sparkling Ice Black Cherry or Club Soda

With its dramatic smoking and dark color, not only is this drink tasty, but it's a crowd pleaser. Make sure to make a batch at your next Halloween soiree!


Combine vodka, cherry juice, lime juice and sweet and sour in a shaker with ice; shake to combine.


Strain into 8-ounce glasses top with sparkling ice or club soda.


Using the proper tools, break off a small piece of dry ice and place it into the filled glass.


Garnish with grapes and serve.

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