Spanish Saffron Meatball Soup

Spanish Saffron Meatball Soup is chock full of deliciousness. The Spanish flavors of smoked paprika and saffron make for a bold and complex broth.


- Italian Breadcrumbs - Milk - Ground Beef - Parmesan Cheese

This Spanish Saffron Meatball Soup is a hearty, well-rounded and complete meal...all served up in just a single bowl! It's a great way to make sure the kids are eating their veggies.


In a medium bowl, add together all of the meatball ingredients.


In a large dutch oven or heavy bottom and wide pot heat oil over medium high and add in onions and red bell peppers. Saute for 5 minutes, or until peppers and onions have softened.


Once the white wine has been added cook for 2 minutes, being sure to scrape the bottom of your pot with a wooden spoon and mixing occasionally.


Add in chicken broth and bring to a boil. Next add in meatballs and lower heat to a steady simmer (medium high heat).


Taste for seasoning and add in salt and pepper, if needed.

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