Oreo Pumpkin Cookie Balls

Want to steal the show at your next fall-inspired party? Make these Oreo pumpkin cookie balls. They are super easy to make for the perfect dessert!


– Golden Oreo Cookies – Cream cheese – Butter – Vanilla extract – Pumpkin spice

These Oreo Pumpkin Cookie Balls perfect treat for Thanksgiving dinner dessert! You can use them as a parting gift or place cards on your plates! They're perfect for pumpkin season.


Place the golden oreos in a food processor and pulse until they become a fine crumb. The texture should resemble sand.


Now mix cream cheese, butter, pumpkin spice and vanilla into the crumbs and blend again to combine.


Use a 1 inch cookie scoop , or any small cookie scoop to measure out the cookie crumb mix, rolling each scoop into the pumpkin-shaped oreo balls.


Push a pretzel piece, for the pumpkin's stem into the top of each Oreo ball. This will resemble the pumpkin stalk but also act as a handle for dipping the cookie balls into the candy coating.


Once all the oreo balls have a pretzel, place the baking sheet in the freezer for 30 minutes.

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