Meringue Mushrooms are the perfect finishing touch for Christmas Yule logs or Charcuterie boards. With toasted sugar, cream of tartar, and melted dark chocolate, these mushrooms have a flavor that just can’t be beat. Plus they are an adorable addition!


No need for perfection. In fact, it’s best if the mushrooms are imperfect because all mushrooms are unique.   Easy to make. With just a few simple ingredients and a piping bag, you can make incredibly delicious meringue treats in no time Cute treats for anytime. Although these meringue mushrooms are a Christmas tradition, they're also fun!


Granulated sugar

Cocoa powder

Cream of tartar

Dark chocolate

Beat the egg white- In a small bowl, beat one egg white with the cream of tartar using an electric mixer. Beat until soft peaks form.


Add sugar- After the soft peaks form in your egg white, increase the mixer speed to high, and gradually add in the sugar (a tablespoon at a time). Beat until stiff peaks form.


Put meringue in a piping bag-Next, place the meringue into a large piping bag with a fitted ½ inch round tip.


Place the meringue mushrooms in the oven and bake them for two hours or until they are crisp and completely dry. Dust with cocoa powder- After the meringues have cooled, dust them with cocoa powder


Prepare the mushrooms- While the chocolate is cooling, make a hole in the bottom of each mushroom cap with the tip of your knife. Then, using a serrated knife, trim about ¼ inch off the pointed tips of the stems.


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