Zombie Party

Zombie Party

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Zombie Party

It’s officially October which means we can finally start talking about Halloween. It’s about darn time as I have been planning it since early this summer. I have been wanting to throw a Zombie Party for forever, and finally got a chance to do it! With a group of teenage boys that always seem to be hanging around, I thought that throwing a mini surprise party with severed ears and zombie boogers would be perfect! My kids are just as in to Halloween time as I am. They love to bake and create fun crafts to spook our house up! Last week we spent over an hour in the Halloween section at 
Walmart picking up everything we would need for a month of crafts, zombie party supplies and of course our favorite M&M’S®, TWIX®, and Starburst® candies for our BOO Kits.  After being BOO’d last year, starting the BOO’ing train this year was our first priority.Zombie Party

Severed Ear Sugar Cookies

Zombie Boo Kit

In case you don’t know what BOO’ing means, it is when you make a little Halloween treat, secretly deliver it with a card that explains how it works, and then the recipient does the same to someone else! It is so fun to watch the excitement on Facebook from our friends that we BOO’d. You can check out more examples and ideas at BOOItForward.com as well as print out your own BOO Kit card.


Pre- Zombie Party, we thought it would be most appropriate to secretly surprise our friends with a Zombie Survival Kit. We picked up a white box, tissue paper, American Greetings® Halloween stickers, finger bubbles, zombie apocalypse supplies, and of course candy! Because, what would a BOO Kit be without some SNICKERS® and Skittles®! After filling the box, we attached the label and BOO Kit card, and then had to zombify it! Making red scratch like marks made it look like we had been attacked on our way to deliver. Awesomeness I say!

Zombie Barbie

Zombie Baby

For our party we used a combination of fun quirky things that we have collected through the years (my mom and I always have an eye out for cool things for our Halloween parties) and homemade props. In the last three years we have gone through two puppy stages, so needless to say, we have quite a few chewed up dolls. I had been saving them for this exact purpose….Zombies!!! I simply spray painted them white and then sponged on some black around the eyes and red around the mouth and hands. We also had some engineer prints (posters) made for the background.

Zombie Halloween Party

Since I knew I would be serving a bunch of teens, I wanted to make the food fun. The Severed Ear Cookies were quite the hit and they also absolutely loved the brownie pop eyes.

Zombie Eye Truffles


To make the eyes, I simply made a batch of brownies and mixed it with frosting. I then rolled out quarter sized balls, stuck a fork in the tops, and froze them for about 30 minutes. Once cold, I dipped them in melted white dipping chocolate. The I placed an eyeball in the center of the Life Savers® Gummies and placed it in the center of the ball. Once the chocolate had set, I brushed on some red food coloring for the eye veins. Finally, I drizzled red gel around the plated eye balls for fun!

Zombie Scavenger Hunt

When night began to fall, I sent the teens on a Zombie Apocalypse Supply Run around the property to burn off all of their extra energy. I am so using that video when they get married!

Zombie Candy Bowl

This time of year is so much fun. The only thing that will make it better will be the release of the new Ghostbusters® movie on October 11th! You can pre-order it on Blu-Ray and DVD now. Or, watch it on VUDU like us.

Zombie Cake with Candied Walnut Brains

The Best Zombie Party!

Don’t forget to enter the BOO It Forward Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $500 Walmart Gift Card! Enjoy!


Zombie Party


  • 1 9x9 inch pan of cooked brownies
  • 3/4 cup chocolate frosting
  • 1 pound white melting chocolates
  • 24 plastic forks
  • 1 tablespoon shortening or coconut oil
  • 24 Life Savers® Gummies
  • 24 edible eyes
  • Red food dye
  • paint brush


  1. Using your hands or a food processor, turn brownies into a medium size crumb.
  2. Mix chocolate frosting with brownie crumbs.
  3. Mold mixture into 24 quarter sized balls and stick with plastic forks.
  4. Freeze balls for 30 minutes.
  5. Insert each edible eye ball into the Life Savers® Gummies.
  6. When balls are cold, melt chocolate and shortening or coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl for one minute.
  7. Stir chocolate until smooth. If not smooth, microwave for increments of 10 seconds, stirring in between each, until smooth.
  8. Line a baking sheet with foil or wax paper.
  9. Dip each ball into chocolate until it is coated. Gently tap to remove excess coating.
  10. Place on cookie sheet and let sit for 10 seconds, then place the eye in the center.
  11. Continue with the rest of the brownie balls.
  12. Refrigerate eyeballs for 30 minutes until coating has hardened.
  13. Squirt a tiny bit of red food coloring onto plate.
  14. Using a brush, paint on veins.
  15. Refrigerate in an airtight container for up to 3 days before serving.


American Greetings Halloween




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