Scary Halloween Pictures

Ok, so I know that this is a food blog, but I am so utterly excited about my new project I have to share it to the world! A couple of weeks ago my blogging friend, Stephanie from told me about a new photo editing site. If you have a minute, visit her site. You will instantly be inspired to run a marathon, create an oatmeal bar, and rekindle your relationship with your husband. Yah, she’s that good.

Anyway, onto this site It is a great place to edit photos and create collages…for free! The other day when I went on to create a nifty collage for the blog, I noticed that they had added a Halloween editing section. It is awesome! You can take any picture and edit it to be a zombie, witch, vampire and more! I may or may not have zombified all of my close friend’s Facebook profile picture for the better part of two hours.

As you can see I also did my children’s pictures. How cool are they!??! But wait it gets better! Do you need some original, inexpensive Halloween art? So what I did was I zombified their pictures, then took them to Staples to get massive engineer prints. After seeing this many times on Pinterest here, I knew that these prints would make awesome decorations! The cost you ask, FIVE BUCKS PER PRINT!!!!! Now, they only come in black and white but I think that they will still be cute. Can you believe that? I pick them up tomorrow, will mount them, then take a picture so you all can see.

Yes, this has been a very exciting day indeed!

Here are the originals so you can see just how much was edited!

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  1. My fellow blogger jannatwrites Also told me about picmonkey I can hardly wait to check it out

  2. Thank you so much for the sweet comments! Love all of your Halloween pics, your kids and husband look SCAAAARRRRYYY! Glad that picmonkey is working for you. Now I am off to turn my adorable kids into vampires and trolls!

  3. I really love your photos. Check this free online photo editing

  4. I like the scary effects you made in these photos, I think the only thing to be improved is the fang.

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