Corona Sunrise

Corona Sunrise

Corona Sunrise- The Seaside Baker

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Although I am not Mexican, I’ll take any excuse to celebrate with good food and good drinks. We’ve got a killer meal planned tonight consisting of Barbacoa Sopes with homemade rice and beans.

Perfect summer drink! Corona Sunrise via The Seaside Baker

Since moving to a predominantly Mexican neighborhood last August, my cooking skills have certainly been kicked up a notch. Despite a language barrier, my neighbors have taken the time to teach me some of their favorite dishes. They even came over and taught me how to cut, clean, and prepare nopales (fresh cactus). It has been such a fun learning experience! In exchange, I have been showing them how to prepare cakes and cookies.

Tropical Corona Sunrise cocktail via The Seaside Baker

Every time they come over it is like a mini party. We have music, food, beer, and fresh cocktails. The last time we had a cooking date we served these Corona Sunrise drinks.  The cocktail itself combines a mixture of Casa Noble Tequila, Corona Extra, fresh orange juice, and grenadine and is absolutely delicious!

Casa Noble Corona Sunrise Cocktails via The Seaside Baker

Casa Noble Tequila has become quite a favorite here. It is incredibly smooth. In fact, it is more of a sipping Tequila rather than a “shot” Tequila.  Along with these Corona Sunshine Cocktails we will be taking part in the Casa Noble Ritual. This cocktail is in three steps. A shot glass of Sangrita, A Shot of Casa Noble Crystal and Corona Extra. All three should be sipped in exactly that order and repeat until you need refills – no shots allowed! I can’t wait!!!

Casa Noble Tequila Corona Sunrise Cocktails

What are your drinks of choice for Cinco de Mayo and summer in general?


Corona Sunrise


  • 1.5 oz. Casa Noble Crystal
  • 1 oz. Grenadine
  • 2 oz. Orange Juice
  • Orange Wheel
  • Corona Extra


  1. Combine Casa Noble and orange juice in pint glass, add grenadine and ice, then fill with ice-cold Corona Extra.
  2. Garnish with orange wheel.


This recipe was provided to me from Casa Noble.



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